° ° ° About our Company ° ° °

We believe a great team, great processes, and a clear focus creates a great company. 

We believe that innovation is happening all around us, all the time, and we take advantage of the technology that is out there in order to provide a better experience for both our clients and our employees. We are located based out of Lexington, KY, but we work with clients all over North America. We know that compliance and data entry are necessary, but we also realize that we are in a perfect position to be the advisors that small businesses need to succeed.

° ° ° About our Team ° ° °

We believe happy employees create happy clients.

We strive to have the best and happiest employees, so we place a work-life balance as a top priority. We offer flexible schedules, work-from-home options, and profit sharing to our teams, which allows them to find fulfillment in their work without sacrificing their personal happiness. We emphasize training and have required accounting, bookkeeping, and strategy trainings for our team every month — so that they are always prepared to offer the best of the best to their clients.

° ° ° Personal Touch ° ° °

Personalized service for each client and the details that make your company unique.

Each monthly bookkeeping client has a personal bookkeeper that cares for and manages their work. Having people personally know you and your business help us to provide exceptional service that is individualized to your circumstances, including how you prefer communication, how involved you would like to be, and are aware of the details that make your company unique.

° ° ° History & Inspiration ° ° °

Provide services beyond tax preparation for small business to help them succeed.

Our inspiration in starting our business was to create a solution for small businesses that gives them the tools they need to succeed. We offer a full service solution for small businesses that went beyond tax preparation and gave them the tools they need to succeed, like regular financial statements and budgets.

Many accounting & bookkeeping firms focus only on the necessary compliance tasks, such as end of year bookkeeping and tax preparation. We take a different approach and believe that a small business can only succeed if they have the same tools large corporations have at their disposal – accurate monthly financial statements, financial analysis, budgets & forecasting, cash-flow projections, tax strategy & planning for example. These tools allow small businesses to make informed decisions based on accurate and up to date information, which gives a business it’s best chance to succeed.

° ° ° Meet our Team ° ° °

‘We allow our employees to build a career that fits their life instead of trying to build a life around their career.

Owner & Certified Public Accountant

Bethany graduated from her hometown college, University of Virginia at Wise. Since then, she has worked for large corporations, one person businesses, and small companies. This experience helped her start her own company in 2017, which has doubled in revenue and clients year over year since it’s creation. Bethany loves to travel with her husband…

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Senior Bookkeeper

Jade Casiano was born and raised in Tennessee. She moved to Lexington, KY when she married her husband in 2014. Jade has worked in customer relations, office administration, and office management for the past 10 years. Now she is QuickBooks Advanced Proadvisor and a bookkeeper for Innovative Accounting. A couple of her favorite hobbies include…

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Senior Accountant

Cecilia Machado was born in Guayaquil, Ecuador and moved to the US when she was 18 years old. She attended the University of KY – Gatton College of Business an Economics and graduated in 2006 with an Economics degree. She started her career in office administration of medical practices and then moved to accounting &…

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Jen Gavin comes from a picturesque coastal town in South Africa, a country renowned for its vibrant culture, breathtaking wildlife, and world-class wine farms. She has a Bachelor’s degree in accounting science and over two decades of diverse finance experience ranging in financial services, auditing, accounting, bookkeeping, and tax. Fluent in English and Afrikaans, she…

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Client Bookkeeper

Linda grew up on her family’s dairy farm in Mesa, Arizona. Her parents instilled in her the value of hard work. Since her youth she also had the opportunity to pursue music and sports which she still enjoys to this day. In Arizona she graduated high school with a 4.3 GPA and from Chandler Gilbert…

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Client Bookkeeper

Ricardo Gomez was born and raised in California. He worked at the railroad for 14 years as an electrician . He and his wife now live in Thailand. He is trilingual, able to speak English, Spanish and Thai. Ricardo loves to spend time with his family, mountain biking and playing baseball.    PHONE: 859-977-9683

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Client Bookkeeper

Jenna was born and raised in Louisville, KY and graduated from the University of Louisville.  Over the years she has gained experience working in medical offices and for small business owners.  She loves to spend her free time with family and friends, her husband, Josh, and their German Shepherd enjoying the great outdoors be it…

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Here is a little about my personal life. I grew up in Kentucky but currently live in Indiana. I am fluent in Spanish and English. I went to ATA college and graduated in 2012 in Medical Office administration. After graduation, I worked for different medical offices/hospitals. I am QB ProAdvisor certified and plan to take…

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