° ° ° Starter Package Includes ° ° °

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1099 Management

Processes to keep up to date W9s and records for 1099 contractors, monitor compliance, and issue 1099s annually.

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Cloud Based Accounting

We work with all cloud based systems and automate as much of the process as possible so that you can spend your time on what matters – your business.

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Custom Reporting

We build the reports in QuickBooks that you want to see so that you can have the information you need at your fingertips.

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Monthly CPA Review of Accounts

Every month a CPA reviews all transactions in your account for accuracy and addresses any complicated accounting issues. Your CPA is also available to answer questions throughout the month.

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Onboarding & Basic Staff Training

Onboarding is included at no additional cost, and we are available to help your staff master basic QuickBooks tasks with customized training, instructions, and tutorials provided when needed

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Quarterly Financial Packet

A quarterly packet including your basic financials plus supplementary reports and an executive summary by your CPA so you know what to focus on.

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° ° ° Standard Package Includes All of the Above PLUS ° ° °

Standard Package Includes all of the above services plus the following.

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Annual QuickBooks Budget

We develop and import an annual Budget for your company, one of the most important factors of successful businesses, and include Budget vs. Actual reports.

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Annual Tax Strategy Review

We build a Tax Strategy report for you in the autumn and meet with you to go over tax estimates for the upcoming year and identify strategies that you can…

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Monthly Financial Packet

including Financial KPIs & Executive Summary by CPA. Each Financial Packet includes an Executive Summary by your CPA with their opinions on your financial performance as well as KPIs (Key…

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Payroll Administration Support

Clients that are using an approved payroll provider will receive support with payroll tax notices, payroll setup, payroll questions, automatic payroll setup, and other payroll related requests. Clients will still…

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Sales Tax Management

Filing & payment processing (if authorized) of sales tax, annual review of nexus, client products & services set up correctly, applicable law changes, & assistance with sales tax notices.

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° ° ° Elite Package Includes Includes All of the Above PLUS ° ° °

Elite Package Includes all of the above services in the Starter and Standard plus the following.

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Advanced Cash Flow Forecasting

We create advanced cash flow forecasts to identify future issues with cash flow and prepare in advance along with cash flow dynamic dashboards you can use to monitor your cash…

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Quickbooks Online is our preferred software for our small business clients.

ala carte bookkeeping services

We offer different packages depending on the size of your business, your needs, and your budget. We understand that small businesses are tight on cash and need to watch their expenses, so our Starter Package gives you what you absolutely need to ensure you have accurate financials.

As you are growing, you will need more information to make smart business decisions and strategies to save money on your taxes. For growing businesses, our Standard & Elite Packages provide advisory services that fill these needs, eliminate stress, and save you time.

*We currently are not accepting non-profit, trust, or estate clients – only sole proprietors, LLCs, home associations, S-Corps, Corporations.

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    ° ° ° Are you a Good Match for Innovative Accounting? ° ° °

    We want to make sure we are a good fit for your bookkeeping and accounting needs.

    Accounting is a skill that requires extensive training to master and years of experience. We are not simply posting transactions, but managing the entire accounting of your business and working to make sure your financial reports are accurate.

    The accurate, reputable and honest CPA firms, like ours, are in high demand. While we love talking and getting to know each and every one of our clients, each member of our CPA firm is in high demand and incredibly busy, especially during tax season. We aim to provide consistent communication within 1-3 business days for our clients, which is far above the industry standard.

    We are only a partner in your business and cannot do our job without involvement on your part. We will need some involvement from you or your staff in order for us to obtain the information and documentation we need to provide accurate financial reports and tax returns.

    As our company name states, we use innovative solutions to your  bookkeeping, accounting and tax preparation needs.  Our mission to utilize technology provides our customers with cost-savings, time-savings and improved accuracy for all involved. With secure and compliant software, our clients have greater access to their reporting and financial data.

    We do not have the resources, time, or staff to teach our clients all the ins and outs of accounting or train them on how to be accountants. For those that wish to learn accounting, there are college programs and other trainings available offered by many different resources. It requires years of education, in-depth experience, and advanced qualifications to be a bookkeeper, accountant, or CPA respectively.

    We do help our clients by training them on specific bookkeeping tasks within QuickBooks as needed.

    We are eager to provide the services you need for your company if they are within the scope of services we offer, however, additional services require additional work on our part and therefore will incur additional costs. If you determine you need additional services outside of the proposal and/or estimate and they are services that our company offers, than we can reconvene to discuss your needs and revise your proposal with the additional projects and services charged appropriately.

    Once you sign your proposal, your prices are locked in for one year from the date of the contract.  As  you know, as labor costs and the cost of doing business increase, our pricing may need to increase accordingly to reflect these economic changes.

    What is Accounting? Accounting is the process of recording financial transactions pertaining to a business. The accounting process includes summarizing, analyzing, and reporting these transactions to oversight agencies, regulators, and tax collection entities.

    Accounting is essential to the health and success of a business, and is required to honestly and accurately report your income and profit to your county, state and federal government entities. Accounting also provides you with the information you need to run your business and make better financial decisions.

    Bookkeepers can handle basic data entry and basic accounting tasks like paying bills or sending invoices. Accountants must have a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, and be trained in more complex concepts such as depreciation, equity, and accrual accounting. CPAs (Certified Public Accountants) are required to have 150 hours of college education, including at least 30 hours in accounting and pass a 4-part state test with a less than 50% pass rate due to it’s level of difficulty, which generally takes between 6 months to 2 years to pass all 4 parts.

    What we bring to the table includes a skilled team, an abundance of knowledge and expertise in the accounting and tax industries, innovative tools, and powerful software that provide benefits to our client. Our technology-based tools may automate some repetitive tasks, but they do not replace the expertise and decision-making that is customized to each client’s business (remove: growth, industry (remove: standards and financial goals. The same tools in novice hands can create a massive headache and financial mess that takes extensive time to clean up. We want to work with clients who value the services, knowledge, and expertise that we bring to the table and are excited to partner with us to take their business to the next level!

    *Income Tax Preparation Services are available to our Monthly Bookkeeping & Accounting clients.

    ° ° ° Accounting & Bookkeeping Packages ° ° °

    Side by Side Comparison

    *All of these packages are priced based on Company Revenue and Sales.

    **More information on Elite Package.

    Services Included




    Bank & Credit Card Transaction PostingMONTHLYMONTHLYWEEKLY
    Bank & Credit Card Reconciliations
    Personal Expert Quickbooks ProAdvisor Bookkeeper
    Monthly CPA Review of Accounts
    Cloud based Accounting, Virtual Meetings, Streamlined Experience
    Quickbooks Online Setup
    Onboarding & Basic Staff Training
    Custom Reporting
    1099 Management
    Monthly Basic Financial ReportsN/AN/A
    Financial Packet including Financial KPI’s & Executive Summary by CPAQUARTERLYMONTHLYMONTHLY
    Annual Tax Strategy Review with Client before Year End
    Year Round Tax Strategy & Planning
    Yearly Quickbooks Budget
    Sales Tax Management
    Payroll Administration Support
    In-Depth Financial Analysis ReportQUARTERLYMONTHLY
    Optional Virtual Meeting with CPA to Review FinancialsQUARTERLYMONTHLY
    Dext (mobile receipt documentation) & Posting by Bookkeeper
    Float Advanced Cash Flow Forecasting
    Futrli In-Depth Year Round Budgeting, Forecasting, & Planning with Unlimited Scenarios
    Business Plan Development
    Internal Control Review, Development & Yearly Audit
    External Accounting Department
    Bill Pay & Invoice Management
    Customized Accounting Services Based on Client Needs

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